CHE RG is a group of researchers from the University of Porto who works climate, health and environment, under the coordination of the Professor Ana Monteiro from the Geography Department of the Faculty of Arts from the University of Porto (Portugal).

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Research in several areas of knowledge

- Climatology applied to urban planning and land management, to public health and viticulture;
- Bioclimatology;
- Natural and technological risks;
- Alert and response warning systems and risk communication in climate and health;
- Strategic planning;
- Geographic information systems to support diagnosis, management and decision-making;
- Environment;
- Air quality;
- Climate Perception;
- Landscape Architecture.

Database acquisition, processing and representation

- Cadastral information acquisition;
- Landscape identification and inventory (hydrography, hypsometry, solar exposure of the slopes, slopes, geology, climate, soils, flora, fauna, natural, touristic and cultural heritage, urban green areas, built areas, demographic and socioeconomic descriptors);
- Monitoring of climate variables (temperature, relative humidity, wind direction and wind speed, among others) at both local and regional scales;
- Climatic and agro-climatic modelling;
- Topological correction;
- Geocode;
- Spatial representation, 3D modelling, multimedia and virtual environments;
- Thematic cartography according to several scales;
- Application of climatic and bioclimatic indexes.

Characterization, diagnosis, evaluations, reports and thematic plans

- Climatology and bioclimatology;
- Public health;
- Land planning and management;
- Territory's biogeophysical and socioeconomic structure;
- Natural and technological risks;
- Networks, systems, accessibilities and transports;
- Landscape;
- Tourism;
- Strategic environmental assessments;
- Environmental impact assessments;
- Evaluation of climate variables behaviour;
- Bioclimatic comfort evaluations;
- Environmental and landscape recovery plans;
- Municipal emergency plans of civil protection;
- Studies and conception of personalized touristic roadmaps.


Organization of conferences, training actions and workshops mainly in applied climatology, geographic information systems and environment.

Advising services

Technical advising.

Data sources

- Various digital and analogical cartography;
- Satellite images;
- Orthophotomaps;
- Aerial photography.